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Magazine, January 2022!

Modern Band Journal is focused on a new method of K-12 popular music education that engages students where they live, in their culture, with a repertoire that speaks their language, using instruments, vocals, and technology, and more. It’s pop, rock, rap, hiphop, country… It’s urban, suburban, and all places in-between.

Written by leading Modern Band educators serving over 500,000 students in schools all over the USA, with reviews of products used in their music classrooms, techniques, teaching methods, and expert advice from industry professionals with a passion for supporting this revolution in music education. Each issue is published in support of the mission of Little Kids Rock, the nonprofit organization that coined the term “modern band” and convened what has grown to become a national movement to add it to music programs in all 50 states. Little Kids Rock has trained over 5,000 teachers who have brought modern band to over 1,000,000 students since 2002. Last year, Hal Leonard released the Modern Band Method series, authored by Little Kids Rock. 

Modern Band Journal Amplifies the Voice of 21st Century Music Education

It’s about music using technology, guitars, drums, keyboards, vocals, and turntables, in whatever genre the culture of the school wants to learn, from a massive collection of popular music spanning over half a century.

In MBJ, we profile the best and brightest K-12 and collegiate music educators, who share the instruments they teach, how they teach them, repertoire that works, learning to use the tech, performance tips, and all things traditional band and vocal programs rolled into a program for the non band/choir kids to engage them in making music for a lifetime.

In addition to helping the music teacher learn state-of-the art teaching techniques from expert practitioners, we also help them choose the essential instruments, gear, accessories that are needed in any modern band music classroom.  We do that by supplying expert advice on all things music trade.

This free magazine is sent to all music educators teaching modern band programs, by their request, or their affiliation with Little Kids Rock and sent to requesting members of other national music education associations.

No other music education publication focuses on modern band like the all-new Modern Band Journal

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